Is The Market Changing To Favour Properties Which Cater For ‘Work From Home’?

Three months ago the world changed as we knew it, and as people were confined to their homes during the lockdown, it changed the way in which they began to think about the future.

It introduced the possibility of continuing to live in and work from their homes, and what began as a safety measure to keep employees safe from COVID19 created a change in the mindset of those who were now embracing this new work trend.

The real estate business constantly adapts to the highs, lows, and variables of the market, and is keenly aware of a shift in focus onto properties that cater for or are adapted to the continuing interest in people choosing to continue to work from home.


For those considering either buying or selling in this post lockdown market, these points will be worth considering:

Commute time

A huge amount of time is lost in the daily commute to and from work, traffic congestion can be stressful, and many people are more aware of wanting to lessen their carbon footprint. The opportunity, therefore to forego the daily commute, especially for small business owners, young professionals with children and those moving towards retirement makes buying properties with space for work much more desirable.

This desire to reduce commute times and work from home may not automatically increase the value of a property, however, it will widen the buyer profile, create more competition on the market and therefore ultimately work in favour of the seller.

Technology consideration

As technology connects people to colleagues and clients instantly, it becomes an important point of consideration in order to make a home more attractive and realistic from which to work and perhaps conduct a business. A property therefore with a strong, reliable internet connection within a designated workspace will increase the desirability for certain buyers. Technology within the home workspace is a vital aspect to support this new way of living and working.


Family and Work balance

During COVID the work at home situation provided many people with the flexibility to balance their work and personal life, removed the stresses and expense of the daily commute, and provided a more balanced business and family life. People are reluctant to let this go and therefore properties that provide them with the means to continue this balance will become more sought after. It also means people do not need to work close to the cities but may choose to make their dreamt of sea or tree change much earlier than feeling they need to wait until retirement.


Property details

As the world continues to change in the face of our current lifestyle restrictions, people will continue to change and adapt their work habits and environment. This is going to have an impact on real estate, as people look for, or construct, home office spaces designed specifically as practical and inviting workspaces, welcoming for clients and as creative inspiration for those working within them.

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