Offer Accepted! Now what..?

Now you’ve agreed on a price and you’ve ‘got a deal’ you’ll need to nominate a settlement agent / conveyancer.

Your real estate agent will often recommend a settlement agent but you can nominate any settlement agency you like. But here’s some advice;

All Settlement Agents pretty much do the same job… until there’s a problem or complication.

Like many services, settlement agent’s fees have been driven down in recent years due to many new providers entering the market ( some with very little experience ) but my advice is to never choose a settlement agent based simply on a low fee as the process can become far more expensive when you need to engage other professionals to assist you where a cheap settlement agent fails.

Discount settlement agents are renowned for offering the following ‘advice’ when clients seek their guidance;

– “You’ll need to speak to the Real Estate Agent”.

– “You’ll need to seek legal advice”

In most cases I’ll be able to advise you about every element of the contract and the associated processes but a good settlement agent should be your trusted advisor, confirming that my advice is accurate.

With a competent settlement agent, having to seek legal advice is very rare in residential real estate transactions but every day I hear inexperienced or discount settlement agents telling their clients to engage lawyers for the simplest of queries.

For the sake of what may only be one or two hundred dollars, please choose a settlement agent who’s competent, proven and doesn’t shy away from guiding and advising you through to successful settlement.

Wayne Heldt.

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