REIWA trends number one in Japan on Twitter

It’s not an April fools’ joke, but it could be a blessing in disguise for the WA property market as Japan welcomes the name of their new era, Reiwa.

In a much-anticipated moment celebrating the opening of a new chapter in Japan’s history, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga announced Monday that the new imperial era will be named Reiwa.

The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, also REIWA, welcomed Japan’s name choice as traffic surged on and interaction with REIWA’s social channels increased dramatically in a matter of minutes.

70 per cent of traffic to on 1 April were from people in Japan, mistaking the real estate portal for their country’s new imperial era.


REIWA CEO Neville Pozzi said the spike in attention from Japan could be an opportunity to lure foreign investment back into our state.

“REIWA is the number one trending hashtag on Twitter, and we even had comments on social media from Japanese people asking the bidding price of REIWA’s domain name.

“As an Institute, we want to embrace all of this traction and use it as an opportunity to entice migration and foreign investment back into our state in a fun and light-hearted way.,” Mr Pozzi said.

People took to Twitter to make light of the confusion, with one person tweeting “Looks like a certain real estate company in #Perth confused as hell about the explosion in page hits” and another “The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia’s Twitter account must be exploding right now”.

Within the hour, there were 372,000 tweets about REIWA and that number continues to grow.

The arrival of Reiwa on 1 May 2019 will end a 30-year run of the Heisei (“achieving peace”) era, which began in 1989.

The name Reiwa was taken from an old existing compilation of Japanese poetry and represents fortune, peace and harmony.

“The Institute is making the most of its time in the social media spotlight, with hopes that this draws some much needed attention to the WA property market,” Mr Pozzi said.

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