Finishing Touches That Make A Big Difference

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Paying attention to the finer detail is worthwhile. Don’t overlook the smaller design items when renovating your space as they really can make or break your overall design. In this article we’ve listed four key finishing details you should consider when designing your space.


Skirting, architraves and cornices — these are just a few of the mouldings you would look to use if you were to renovate or build a new home.
Mouldings are traditionally used to conceal joins in areas such as your floorboards and walls, or walls and ceilings. The type of moulding you use can more than subtly change the look of your home, to make it feel more modern, or to keep with the heritage of an old home. You can choose from an array of profiles to help you create the look you are trying to achieve, remember that you don’t always need to pick the most standard options. Get playful and get samples to test out prior to installing them in your home.


Much like mouldings, floor trims are an important element to consider when designing your interior space.
Floor trims come in an array of styles from plastic to timber to coloured aluminium and brass. Paying attention to these areas is important as it creates a unique and clean finish to your flooring and can lift the overall look of a space — no matter what type of flooring you use.


Those unattractive plastic covers on your wall can stand out like a sore thumb if chosen incorrectly.

When choosing your power plugs, it’s important to not only make sure they are in a discreet location, but that the covers match the walls you are putting them on.
If you are going for a modern look, opt for slimline styles to match the colour of the wall it is on. But if you’re keeping with the bones of an older home, you can also look at heritage-style covers and switches, which can come in beautiful brass and timber finishes.


Your door handles can play a big part in enhancing the design of your space. Always consider what style of home you are looking to achieve prior to purchasing these items as the styles and options are endless.

If you are designing a modern space, you can opt for statement handles in black or any other colour powdercoat. But if you are keeping the bones of your space to a heritage look, you may want to opt for antique or restoration handles in more traditional shapes and finishes.

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