Planning for entertainment noise in Northbridge

The WA Government has released a public consultation paper seeking public feedback on proposed reforms aimed at preserving Northbridge’s vibrancy through changes to State and local government land use planning frameworks and environmental regulations.

As Perth’s inner-city residential populations increases, venue operators are experiencing growing pressures to curb noise, following an influx of complaints from nearby residents.

The reforms in the public consultation paper aim to:

  • balance the ongoing viability of the Northbridge entertainment industry with the protection of the amenity of residents and other business
  • provide clear and consistent development guidance for new developments in the entertainment precinct
  • shift the responsibility for noise attenuation in new developments to the ‘agents of change’; and
  • provide an increased level of assurance to music venue operators

Implementation of the proposed would require the designation of a Special Control Area (SCA) for the entertainment precinct in the City of Perth’s City Planning Scheme No.2.

Special development controls would apply in the SCA including:

  • the ‘agent of change’ principle which state that the responsibility for noise attenuation rests with the party making changes to the environment i.e new developments and redevelopments and would apply to both noise-sensitive and noise-emitting developments.
  • requirements for development proposals to determine the level of noise to be attenuated through design and construction measures to comply with standards specified in the modified Noise Regulations
  • requirements for development proposals to demonstrate how the design and construction will achieve noise attenuation to meet the ( indoor) assigned levels; and
  • requirements for notices on titles to inform buyers and commercial operators of the existence of entertainment noise in the area.

Amended Noise Regulations would apply to all premises within the designated SCA:

  • requirements for outdoor levels for noise-sensitive premises in the entertainment area would be removed, with a focus on protecting health and amenity indoors (in habitable areas with doors and windows closed).

View the public consultation paper..

REIWA will be making a submission to the WA Government. Should you wish to provide feedback, contact Advocacy and Policy Manager Sadie Davidson on

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