3 reasons to sell in Autumn

Autumn brings changing colours and crisp, romantic mornings, but it can also be a great time to sell your house. There’s a misconception that spring is the best time to sell. Sure, the weather’s warming up, flowers are blooming and houses pop up on the market like plums in season – but with autumn, well, you could say it’s quality over quantity. Here’s why.

The Christmas frenzy is well and truly over.

Come autumn, many people have taken extended time off over Christmas. Buyers have had time to make important decisions, to plan, research the market, even make a few New Year resolutions. They know what they want and they feel confident about their buying decisions – they’re serious about buying. The more frenzied selling periods can bring time-wasters and buyers less ready to commit.

Fewer properties to compete with.

During spring and summer, the market can become flooded with properties, which – depending on market conditions – can create a ‘buyers market’. This means there’s an oversupply of properties. In autumn, when there tends to be fewer properties for sale, you have less competition and your odds of converting your listing into a successful sale can be higher.

Stable weather, stunning scenery.

Autumn tends to bring beautiful clear skies and stable temperatures – not too hot, not too cold. It’s less likely potential buyers will have to battle extreme heat or flee a downpour as they attempt to view your garden. Trees are often at their best, bursting with colour. It’s a season to embellish by creating autumn centerpieces for your home and showing off the natural beauty of your garden.

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