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By Anna Franklyn – 23 Feb 2018
Things To Do In Perth Easter

I think we can all agree that Easter is without a doubt—I’m calling it—the best long weekend we Perthlings get all year. Just when you’re tiring of having settled back into your work routine, and starting to long for the indulgent eating habits you said goodbye to after Christmas, comes this perfectly timed treat of a holiday. The best part? It’s still hot.

If easter egg hunts in the back garden aren’t really your thing anymore, worry not: there’s a whole host of other things to do in Perth this Easter weekend, and if you’re sensible, you’re already planning some kind of extravagant, slightly ambitious four-day-holiday.

Whether you’re staying in town or want to leave it, here are ten things to do in Perth this Easter weekend (or somewhere nearby at least).

1. Spend A Day In The Hills

The best thing about Easter is that it gives us the time we need to do everything we always said we were going to start doing more often. That said, it’s time to take a day trip and explore everything The Hills have to offer. If you haven’t heard, there are some crazy good local cafes in the area—so you can start your day off right. Both Jack + Jill and Haynes Street Larder will set you up perfectly for a Lesmurdie Falls visit, where you can do the bush walk thing, take photos and get a bit of nature in you.

You could also head to the very popular Serpentine Falls or for a road less travelled, Noble Falls has the added bonus of a particularly good local tavern: the Noble Falls Tavern in Gidgegannup.

If you prefer not to physically exert yourself, why not spend a day touring the Swan Valley eating and drinking delicious food and wine? We’ve already got you covered with this list of our favourite Swan Valley wineries.

Things To Do Perth Easter

2. Go To A Rural Festival

Guys, if you haven’t noticed, the rural parts of WA have been getting pretty damn festive, and the Easter Long Weekend is no exception. Our very own Burning Man spin-off, the Blazing Swan festival is on this Easter—prepare for seven (or maybe just three and a half) days of community-living, self-acceptance, culture, arts, dance and, let’s be real, a whole lot of untamed antics.

For something a bit more low-key, there’s also the Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival, which is fairly self-explanatory (although they do have a ‘Weigh Off’ for all kinds of weirdly large, home-grown vegetables—not just pumpkins).

3. Go On A Road Trip

This one’s a classic. Don’t underestimate what you can achieve in four days—I don’t wanna brag, but a few years ago I did make it to Exmouth and back to swim with the whale sharks for Easter. Can confirm, not even a bout of deliriously bad sea sickness can ruin a good road trip (pro tip: don’t do the whale shark swim on the day you plan to start driving home).

If that’s a bit too ambitious for you, why not just aim for Kalbarri—a measly six hour drive—from where you can day trip to Shark Bay and Monkey Mia. Or, if you’re seriously ambivalent, just head to Cervantes, stopping at Ledge Point, Lancelin and The Pinnacles on the way along the beautiful Indian Ocean Drive.

In the other direction, Perth to Esperance makes for a delightful road trip with some very rewarding results (read: Pink Lake), as does Perth to Augusta—the Caves Road section is literally mind-blowing, no matter how many times you’ve done it—and Perth to Denmark (for the treetop walk, obvs), which takes you through some of WA’s loveliest rural towns like Bridgetown, Nannup and Pemberton.

If you don’t have all weekend but still feel like burning some rubber, check out our list of doable-in-a-day road trips also suitable for Easter!

Things To Do In Perth Easter

4. Spend The Weekend Down South

Der. This is so what Easter is made for, that really it could’ve been the only item on the list. Glistening beaches, wineries and breweries for days, cheese, chocolate and relaxation—is this what Easter is made of? We think yes. Try ticking off some of the best Margaret River wineries, or if you’re more into beer, all the breweries down south. Plus, don’t forget a trip to the Margaret River Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning.

If you hear nature calling this Easter, you could hike a part of the Cape to Cape or explore the Boranup Karri Forest. Heck, why not just go for the whole damn lot with Walk Into Luxury, where by day you’re intrepid, and by night you’re in seven star accommodation.

5. Have A Picnic

Simple, but always a good way to wile away a lazy long weekend afternoon. From Kings Park to Cottesloe Beach or Matilda Bay to John Forrest National Park, we’ve sussed ten of Perth’s best picnic spots that should keep you in good stead this Easter long weekend. All you have to do is bring the chocolate (and champagne)!

Things To Do Perth Easter

6. Party On A Sunday

The only thing sweeter than partying like you’ve got nowhere to be tomorrow is doing it when you’ve actually got nowhere to be tomorrow. For your Easter-enjoyment, one of our favourite summer pop-ups The Dock is back for round two and we couldn’t be more stoked—so you can head there on Easter Sunday (or, for that matter, Easter Friday, Saturday and Monday). Otherwise, here’s a whole load more of Perth’s best Sunday sessions for you!

7. Do Actual Easter-y Things

For those who haven’t really let go of the childhood Easter traditions yet, despair not: there are some things going on in Perth that are pretty downright Easter-y for you to head along to. There’s the Neat Ideas annual Good Friday event at Adventure World, and a whole host of things happening at Cathedral Square all long weekend, including an Easter egg hunt on the Saturday. If those don’t work for you, why not find something charitable to do? It is a religious holiday after all!

8. Eat And Drink Chocolate

This one’s pretty obvious, but why settle for the old Lindt bunny when you could spend four days putting a serious dent in this list of Perth’s best Easter treats? Also, the Treasury Building is getting into the spirit of things, with Petition Beer Corner bringing you Hoppy Easter, featuring decadent, chocolate-inspired brews like the ‘Chocolate Stout’.

9. Give Yourself Some Easter Love

Four days and, let’s be honest, a basically deserted city, might leave anyone who’s staying in for the weekend at a bit of a loss as to what to do. The answer: self-love. We’re talking fresh food, yoga, meditation, workshops—the whole shebang.

Start by stocking up at one of Perth’s many, many farmers’ markets—here are our favourite—and then look to get your yoga on at Vinyasa With A View at Coast Port Beach. For your Sunday stretch out, there’s Sunday Yoga Sessions at the Mary Street Piazza in Mount Lawley too.

Then, how about some Easter themed learning? There’s an Easter Table Arrangement Workshop at the State Buildings and a Soy Candle Workshop in Freo, so you can learn some new skills and become a generally more well-rounded human. Finally, Easter is falling on a Full Moon, so something spiritual could help bring your weekend full circle—try a Full Moon Sound Session or Heartfulness Meditation.

10. Do Some Life Admin

While it doesn’t sound that exciting, we all know the rush of getting on an absolute roll cleaning your house or gutting your wardrobe, and there’s nothing like starting the week with the mental clarity and togetherness of an actual adult. Scrub the kitchen until it sparkles (including oven and fridge!), restock your bathroom’s goodies (toilet paper, skin care), clean out your wallet, pay your bills, reorganise your drawers, reorganise the shed, take that bag of old clothes down to the Good Sammy. You won’t believe how much you can fit into one day! If it’s your financial world that needs an overhaul, maybe tackle these 10 ways to get your savings on track.

Wow! So so many things to do in Perth this Easter weekend! If your long weekend plans still aren’t sorted, refer to our list of 50 things to do in Perth this summer—Easter still counts!




Image credit: Louise Coghill and Nancy Hanna

By Anna Franklyn

Anna believes wholeheartedly in “everything in moderation” but still hasn’t mastered the art of going out for just one drink. She could very happily live off avocado, wine and ice cream (straight from the tub, obviously) and relies heavily on the latest and greatest fitness fads to keep her health in check. She also likes listening to her favourite songs on repeat until she knows every word—not an annoying habit at all.

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