What’s Perth’s coolest suburb? Hint: it’s not Mt Lawley

Jon Daly – WA Today

Travel bible Lonely Planet has crowned Perth’s coolest suburb, and it is not Mt Lawley or Leederville.

The “once-shady suburb” of Maylands has been dubbed Perth’s trendiest suburb by Perth-based Lonely Planet author Fleur Bainger.

People enjoying an early morning coffee at the trendy cafes along Whatley Crescent, Maylands.  Photo: Fleur Bainger

“Maylands has been bubbling away for a few years and we think it is really starting to get somewhere with the cool factor,” she told 6PR’s Gareth Parker.

“If you have spent any time on Whatley Crescent or Eighth Avenue, apart from all the new openings of cute little bars and cafes, it has got a really good neighbourhood feel and community sense.”

“It is only a few train spots [from Perth] and you are there. From a traveller’s perspective it is cheap and easy and there are fun things to do there,” she said.

“There are op-shops if you are tight on the dollar. You can have some fun … [by] going to Swallow wine bar where they’ve got live music on for free and you can just grab a drink at the bar.

“They’ve got these really cool vintage train booths on the inside. There is much character in a tiny little spot and really excellent French food.”

Ms Bainger said street art was also blossoming in the laneways and side streets around the area, adding “texture, warmth and interest value”.

“[Maylands] has evolved into a buzzing community hub with a gritty, yet artisanal edge,” she said.

Another hidden gem was Rossonero pizzeria, tucked away on Lyric Lane.

“[The pizzeria] is essentially a garage door that just opens up and it’s got a tiny little illuminated sign,” Ms Bainger said.

“You’d never know that was there unless someone told you about, but it is a really excellent little pizza place.”

City of Bayswater deputy mayor Chris Cornish said it was a terrific accolade.

“It’s a fantastic endorsement of all the effort the city and community have spent trying to improve the area,” he said.

Mr Cornish said he was known to stop in at Swallow for a glass of red.

“I am looking forward to the developments at Lyric Lane, which will soon have a basement space with a bar and live music,” he said.

When looking for an up-and-coming suburb, Ms Bainger said Lonely Planet wanted to find spots that travellers wouldn’t know of without help from a local.

“Rather than the places we already know are cool like Leederville, Mt Lawley, Northbridge and Subiaco, we really want to look at what is up and coming and what is going to explode next,” she said.

Other contenders for the auspicious title were East Fremantle and its vintage vibes and Mt Hawthorn which had an abundance of boutique bars, restaurants and shops.

“I really struggled to figure out which one to [choose], because there are so many cool emerging areas in Perth at the moment. I feel like Mt Hawthorn is really hitting its stride,” Ms Bainger said.

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