Spring selling & buying tips with Andrew Winter

L to R: Love it or List it hosts Neale Whitaker

Love It Or List It Australia hosts Neale Whitaker and Andrew Winter. Picture: John Appleyard

IT’S fondly known as the silly season of real estate, but it’s time to get serious about spring selling season, according to property expert Andrew Winter.

Despite a sluggish start to the season, competition is heating up and that means more choice for home buyers and sellers.

Mr Winter, the host of Selling Houses Australia on Foxtel, has shared his advice on how to buy and sell property successfully in spring — and after more than 25 years in the industry, he should know.

The leading real estate guru will also soon be co-hosting Love It Or List It Australia, which begins on Foxtel on September 27, with interiors expert Neale Whitaker.

The pair will help home owners make one of their biggest, most life-changing decisions: whether to renovate their house or sell it.

L to R: Love it or List it hosts Andrew Winter an

Love It Or List It Australian hosts Andrew Winter and Neale Whitaker. Picture: John Appleyard.

Here are Andrew Winter’s tips for sellers wanting to make their home stand out from the crowd:


1. Spring clean

It might sound obvious, but Andrew insists presentation is everything.

There’s no better way to make a first impression than by decluttering the house.

“Clean like you’ve never cleaned before but do not forget the clutter,” he says.

Andrew suggests sellers start to move possessions out of the home prior to listing.

Getting rid of personal possessions and moving boxes will allow buyers to feel more at home and form that all-important emotional connection with the property.

2. Know your competition

Andrew says it’s important to make sure you can face up to the competition.

“So, for example, if other houses all have beautiful new kitchens, you might have to review your own kitchen,” he says.

Also, never try to sell until you have checked out what else is on offer and what else has recently sold in your area.

3. It’s what’s outside that counts

Andrew says one of the key elements of spring time selling is a property’s outdoor space.

He advises putting your landscaping hat on and pulling out weeds, mowing the lawns and planting some new flowers to add some colour.

“Make sure it’s tidy, pristine and all the borders are weed free,” he says.

A simple lick of paint can be an extremely cost-effective way of rejuvenating your home’s kerbside appeal.

Supplied Editorial Fwd: Selling Houses Australia

Selling Houses Australia hosts Charlie Albone, Andrew Winter and Shaynna Blaze.

Here are Andrew Winter’s tips for buyers looking to bag a bargain in spring:


1. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful weather

Don’t let the sunshine cloud your judgment. Use the abundance of natural light in spring to your advantage.

“The great thing about the sun is that it means you can check out the orientation and aspect of the home,” Andrew says.

2. More choice means more buyers

Andrew urges buyers to be aware of the competition by monitoring how many other people are looking at a property.

“Make sure you monitor how much interest there is in each property, how many people turn up for open houses, and how many hits a home gets online,” he says.

“That way you can have control of the negotiations.”

3. Consider the home no one else wants

Just because there aren’t many people looking at a particular home, doesn’t mean it’s not right for you.

It could just be the spring bargain you’ve been waiting for!

“Maybe consider the property that’s a little bit compromised,” Andrew says.

“The house that everybody else doesn’t want. The one with a lack of curb appeal.

“The one that’s a little bit messy, that needs work. Something a little bit different, with features that put other buyers off.”

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