Paws for effect: Could a cat help you sell your home?

Cats are mysterious creatures, but could they hold the key to help you sell your house faster?

Cat sitting in front of house / superimposed in fr

WHAT do you get when you cross a cat with a house?

Probably nothing.

But biology aside, if you’re selling your house, your feline friend could be the purr-fect addition to your sales campaign.

No kitten around.

Cats have been popping up in property listings from Ringwood North, to St Kilda.

But it’s not the first time these mysterious creatures have helped make their owners money.

14/47 Brighton Rd, St Kilda - For Leader RE A cat

Cupboard love? This moggy was cat walking in the kitchen of 14/47 Brighton Rd, St Kilda.

A Glen Iris family decided not to pussyfoot around after their home passed in at auction back in 2014 for $2.06 million.

It was sold shortly after for $2.2 million to a buyer smitten with their four-year-old cat, Tiffany, which was thrown in to sweeten the deal.

And while we’re not suggesting you should part with your paw-some friend, no matter how big the sum, there could be some clever psychology for including them in a photo or two.

8 Chapel Court, Doncaster - For Leader RE A cat f

This cat at 8 Chapel Court, Doncaster, wanted no cameras, paw-lease.

RMIT University marketing expert Con Stavros said while it could be pure coincidence, there might be more to it.

“Cats have the mysterious innocence, and I think that’s why we’re so drawn to them,” Mr Stavros said.

“Advertisers love animals because it’s a quick way to grab someone’s attention.

“While it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to convert to a sale, it’s a good way to make a listing stand out.”

Mr Stavros said it might also provide more context to a space.

“For example, if you see a cat in an apartment, it might convey that the strata is pet friendly,” he said.

“If you have a photo of a cat lying in the sun, it could help illustrate the space as warm and homely.”

11A Linden Rd, Ringwood North - For Leader RE A c

This cat at 11A Linden Rd, Ringwood North, loved working with the camera, according to the listing agent.

Carter Real Estate property consultant Jessica Clarke sold 11A Linden Rd, Ringwood North, which featured an image of a cat lounging on a bed in its online listing.

“The cat was extremely friendly when we were taking the photos so we thought, why not roll with it,” Ms Clarke said.

She thought including the furry friend made the property feel more homely and family-oriented.

“Some staged homes are just too pristine and cold,” she said.

“If you have a cat that’s friendly, and willing to sit still for the camera, I would absolutely include them.”

While it wasn’t necessarily the cat’s doing, Ms Clarke said the home sold more than the reserve for $830,000.



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