Perth Market Snapshot – Week ending 16 May 2017

Quarterly Median Price Data

Data in this graph is as at 15 May 2017. The latest quarterly house, unit and land sales are an estimate.

Hover over the graph to see quarterly sales volumes or price.

Listing Trends

Data in this graph is as at 17 May 2017. Information includes the latest quarterly sales listings with average selling days for the Perth metro region for houses.






Sales activity in Perth declined over the week by 14 per cent, with 555 transactions recorded.

The drop off in sales can be attributed to a 17 per cent decrease in house sales and a 23 per cent decrease in unit sales. In better news, there was a 17 per cent increase in vacant land sales over the week.

Listings for sale

There were 14,894 properties for sale in Perth this week, which is unchanged (in percentage terms) from last week.

This figure is also similar to levels recorded four weeks ago and two per cent lower than the same time last year.

Perth rental market

Listings for rent remained stable over the week, with REIWA members reporting that there were 10,782 properties for rent in Perth.

This total listings number is two per cent higher than four weeks ago and three per cent higher than the same time last year.

Take a look at the breakdown of the past week:

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