Dream homes take a back seat when it comes to Aussie pets

Nieka Bishop with her dogs Finn and Freya. People

Nieka Bishop with her dogs Finn and Freya.

Dream homes take a back seat to our beloved pooch with the majority of Australians refusing to rent or buy their ‘dream’ home if their pet is not invited along for the ride.

Nieka Bishop, of Oxley, said if her rescue dog Finn and her partner Tim Wilson’s dog Freya were unable to live in their dream rental then it was an easy call, the pooches come first.

“As Tim said to me the other day, it’s not our dream home if it doesn’t allow pets,” Ms Bishop said.

Finn is a rescue dog and Freya is a well researched purebred Rhodesian ridgeback. Both dogs have top dog status at this Oxley home.

“The dogs give us motivation to get out and do stuff together, we take them to cafes, hiking, to the pet shop for a walk around,” Ms Bishop said.

According to a survey recently released by pet sitting community Pawshakes, 87.5 per cent of Australian’s surveyed said they would give up their dream home for their pet and 78.5 per cent said they would stop dating someone if they discovered they did not like pets.

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87.5 per cent of people would give up their dream home for their pet.

Ms Bishop agreed saying she would not date someone if they were not a pet lover and she admitted she shared an Instagram account with Finn, as well as including his name when signing greeting cards and would most likely seek medical help for her dog first over herself, depending on the circumstances.

All things backed up by fellow pet lovers in the survey results.

Ms Bishop said she developed a special bond with Finn when she bought him from the RSPCA after moving to Brisbane from Tasmania by herself.

“For about the first eight months all I had was Finn, we did everything together,” she said.

“He always wants to be doing stuff, he’s always excited and keen for life.”

Finn is now spreading his love around as a therapy dog for Delta Therapy Dogs and regularly visits a nursing home in Ipswich.

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How could you live somewhere which wouldn’t want this fella?

“He gets to interact with all the residents and they love him,” Ms Bishop said, “And I love seeing peoples eyes widen and smiles spread across their faces when they see him coming.”

But while Ms Bishop might know the names of the residents at the aged care facility they visit, she’s not so sure about her new neighbours.

According to the survey 74.9 per cent of Australian’s would recognise their neighbours pet before they would recognise their neighbour.

“We’ve only just moved, so I would definitely recognise their pet before my neighbours, I haven’t met the neighbours yet … but I do know their dogs name,” Ms Bishop said.

Article by: Belinda Chilton @ REA


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