12 Signs You’ve Dropped In on an Aussie Christmas

Whether you’re from the northern hemisphere or just over the Tasman Sea, an Aussie Christmas can be a bit odd if you’re not used to it

Christmas in Australia is often a family affair, but it’s increasingly common that there are friends, blow-ins and ‘orphans’ from far-away lands at the table. This welcoming spirit seems to be particularly suited to the way in which the holy day of December 25th is celebrated. Take a trip to Bondi Beach on Christmas Day and you’ll see what I mean about the collective bonhomie.

An Aussie Christmas is mostly an informal event, and we tend to enjoy a course of cold seafood as much as we do a hot turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Plus, there’s nearly always a session of lazing outside, around the pool or at the beach, to which everyone is invited. But in case you’ve accidentally walked in on Santa wearing thongs and boardies and are wondering what’s going on, here are 12 signs you’re in the middle of an Australian Christmas.

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