TRUMP and Perth Real Estate

Should a guy who’s made billions of dollars buying and selling real estate around the world really make Perth home owners nervous?


The condition of our national, state and local real estate markets is affected by two factors.  ‘ What’s actually happening’ and how buyers and sellers respond to it and ‘what people are worried about happening’ and how buyers and sellers respond to it. Essentially, fact and sentiment equally effect the state of any real estate market.

Even though we’re half a world away and only 24 hours into his ‘President-Elect’ status, Donald Trump’s campaign victory in the United States is sure to have an effect on how the people of Perth buy and sell real estate in the coming days, weeks and months.

As predicted by so many, yesterday, share prices fell dramatically upon the announcement of Donald Trump’s win. My co-workers were lamenting in the Acton hallways talking about how “if only they sold that particular share the day before”…  This morning share prices rebounded and not a word was spoken.

Donald Trump will be a good President or he won’t.

For most of us, nothing will change. If you need to upsize because your family is growing, you’ll still need to upsize. If you need to live closer to the CBD in order to commute to work, you’ll still need to live closer to the CBD. If you’ve over extended yourself in recent years and need to clear some debt by selling an investment property, you’ll still need to sell that investment property

Mr Trump will be sworn in as President on January 20th 2017. You could be moved and settled in to your new home by then. (Or you can wait another year and see what happens…)