Styling No No’s

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There are several common faux pas made when it comes to styling a home ready to sell. As professional stylists, FHSA has seen them all.

Here are a few of FHSA’s top Styling No No’s:

1) Too many throw rugs and cushions

We love texture, however, when throws and cushions take over the space to sleep or sit on, it’s time to cut back.

2) Tables set for a formal dinner

This follows the same rule as not having personal items (such as photographs) and decorative items on display. A too formal arrangement in any aspect of the home can put off potential buyers. Similarly, a completely bare dining table looks uninviting. Instead, opt for a lived in feel, such as a casual table setting, or just a centre-piece on the dining table and some magazines on the coffee table.

3) Furniture that doesn’t fit the style of the house

It’s normal to like more than one decorating style, but mixing different styles together in one room, or using a style that doesn’t match the style of the home just doesn’t work. This is one of the main reasons clients use our services to style their house to sell. We suggest selecting pieces that have common elements that work together and store the rest.

4) Avoid making everything the same height

If all furnishings and items in the same room are the same height, colour and style, it can make the room look boring and stale. Grouping together vases or other items of varying heights gives more depth to a space, especially in smaller rooms.

5) Avoid furniture that is too large for the space

Miscalculating the size and amount of furniture needed in a room is a common mistake and it will shrink the size of your room.

Using a variety of furniture and accessories, such as soft furnishings and artwork of varying heights and sizes, will help create a warm, inviting interior.

6) And last but not least…

Tissues are NOT a styling accessory, ever!
A general rule is to create a lifestyle potential buyers are looking for.

And a tip for once you move into your new home? Avoid buying all your furniture items at once otherwise your space might end up looking cluttered. Purchase a few key pieces, then build your look from there, after you are familiar with the light and space in your new home.

Happy styling!

Article by: Furniture Hire & Styling Australia (FHSA)