Moving House Checklist

Are you moving house soon? We’ve created a checklist to help your moving day sail smoothly.

Keeping you connected when relocating

Moving house can seem daunting – there’s so much to think about. We’ve put together a moving house checklist to help you keep track of tasks essential to a well-organised and stress-free move.

Four weeks to go

Local services
Scout out the local services in your new neighbourhood, such as doctors, schools, shopping centres, chemists and vets. Tell your doctor, optometrist, dentist and other medical specialists of your new address.

Sort out furnishings and belongings
Organise a garage sale for any unwanted items or contact your local charity to donate items. For the furnishings you’re keeping, plan and measure where you want to put them in your new house.

Policies and budgets
Enquire about any changes to your insurance policies, including house and contents and vehicle. Arrange quotes and cover notes for your new home. Allocate a budget for your move

Three weeks to go

Transfer records
If moving further away, remember to get a copy of your family’s medical records and those of any pets. Notify your work, including payroll of your new address. Back up your computer and store the backup safely.

If you have children, advise their school and have records transferred. Ensure you have all your children’s immunisation records safely stored.

Packing tips
A high priority for your moving house checklist should be ordering or collecting boxes to use for packing. Buy packing tape and big black markers to write on the boxes. Start packing things unlikely to be used before moving including clothes. Encourage friends and family to help with your move.

Two weeks to go

Redirect your mail
Arrange the redirection of mail (though Australia Post), newspaper and magazine subscriptions and home deliveries.

Clean your house
Book cleaners for a final clean – remember to keep your electricity and gas connected until after your house has been cleaned.

Return any borrowed library books, DVDs or items borrowed from neighbours. Start using perishable food from the freezer.

Organise insurance
Finalise home and contents insurance to cover your new home from day one.

Confirm moving day bookings
Confirm the removalist booking to ensure everything is set.

One week to go

Organise your electricity and other services
Arrange this at least four days before moving to arrange for electricity and gas to be connected at your new address.

Arrange connection and disconnection of all other services with your utility providers (i.e. water, phone, internet and pay TV).

Inform people of your change of address
Contact service providers, including financial institutions and your tax agent, to advise them of your change of address. Tell your friends your new address too.

Check the weather and anything requiring repairs
Check the weather forecast for the day of the move. Ensure completing any repairs around the house is on the moving house checklist.

Clean the oven. Collect instruction books for the stove, dishwasher, and air conditioner for the new owner.

Moving House Checklist

The day before

Pack an overnight bag
Pack a ‘first day bag’ including all your usual bathroom needs to tie you over until you start unpacking.

Check your car tyres
If hiring a trailer to move things yourself, pump up your car tyres.

Organise access for the new owner
Collect all keys for the household including the garage, gates and any padlocks.

Moving day

Organise the move
Allocate tasks to different people in the family and helpers. Leave a note at your previous residence with your forwarding address.

Look after the hot water system
Turn the hot water system off at the old address. Switch on the hot water system at your new address.

Lock all doors and windows on your way out. At your new home, test all keys and change any locks if required.

Take a final walk around your old house to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Pack valuables like jewellery and important documents in a bag to take with you, and lock them in the car boot for safe keeping. If using a removalist, open boxes with fragile items as soon as possible to check for breakages and to make insurance claims.

Keep your pets happy
Take a pet travel kit including food and bowls, lead, treats, can opener, a favourite toy and their sleeping rug, blanket or bed.

One week later

Update your new details
Extend your moving house checklist to cover tasks like changing your driver’s licence and electoral roll details after you have moved.

Start settling in
Contact local council for a new residents kit. Keep cats indoors for at least a week to familiarise themselves with new surroundings.

Contact removalists
Arrange pick up and/or return of used packing cartons to the removalist for recycling. If there were any breakages or damage, don’t forget to contact the removalist and insurance company.

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Article by: Energy Australia