The Property Sales You Missed Because They Were Never Listed


It’s no secret that Australia is one of the most expensive countries in the world in which to own property. Worse yet, the market has never been more competitive, particularly in capital cities. While the process of obtaining property is nerve-wracking, there’s room to save massive amounts of money in all market regions by understanding how and where to seek out those “hidden property gems” not readily available through common property search means.

While it’s common in many international markets, such as the United States, to draw on the expertise of professionals who solely look after the interests of the property buyer, the Australian housing market still places emphasis on supporting individuals selling property.

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In Australia, buyers are generally less informed as to what an off- or pre-market property is, and as such are more poorly equipped when it comes to making a purchase. Being well researched will help buyers to spot good off-market opportunities when they seem them.

When a real estate agent lists a property for sale, there are a number of additional fees factored into the listing price that aren’t necessarily related to the property itself. The incremental costs of marketing a property to prospective customers can add a significant overhead that must be borne by an eventual purchaser.

Picking up a property before it is listed can save the buyer thousands of dollars; money that is better spent making loan repayments than filling the coffers of advertising or marketing firms.