Inside Out: Blurring the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor

During this time of year, most of us will have our windows and doors open – trying to catch any breath of breeze that blows our way, all while enjoying the warm weather.

Creating a space in your home that blurs the lines between your indoor and outdoor space is a great addition to your home – and is perfect to enjoy during this time of year!

You can open up a room or layout of a space with a door, or use one of the many great ideas pictured below. There are so many great ways to create an indoor/outdoor space, and it isn’t just being done in living rooms, there are some amazing examples of bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms that make the most of indoor and outdoor space.

Any room that brings the outdoors in is a favourite of mine. In the Australian climate, it is a practical way to live while also being a beautiful way to open up your home.

Here are some of my favourite examples of spaces that blur the line between indoor and outdoor.

Article by: Jenna / Staff Writer @