So Your Style Is: Industrial

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What it is: It used to be that industrial wasn’t even a style — it was a fact of workaday life. But somewhere along the way, we began to appreciate its lack of pretension and the visual appeal that lies within utilitarian surfaces, stripped-back architecture and salvaged objects. It exploded into a trend that shows no signs of waning, and these days, you’re as likely to find industrial décor within the walls of a multimillion-dollar mansion as in a converted loft in a gritty part of town.

Why it works: There’s a hardworking, proletarian quality about industrial style that resonates, and because it celebrates humble materials, it can be as affordable as you need it to be. Pared back to the essentials, it showcases the beautiful interplay between pure form and function. It’s unassuming, comfortable in its own skin and all the more chic for it.

You’ll love it if… You’re allergic to big-box furniture stores. Your favorite shop is the salvage yard. Your classmates wore neon and Keds; you paired steel-toed boots with vintage dresses. You saw Factory Girl for its title alone. You had cinder-block shelving well beyond your student days.

Article by – Lisa Fredrick / Houzz

Photo Credits – Yvonne McFadden LLC; The Lettered Cottage; ROMABIO / Interior & Exterior Mineral Based Paints; Blue Tangerine Art; CWB Architects; PLACE architect ltd; Imagine Living; Pangaea Interior Design, Portland