Understanding Heritage Renovation Incentives in the City of Vincent


  • Heritage Assistance Fund
  • Building Design and Conservation Awards
  • Density Bonus
  • Variations to Town Planning Scheme Provisions
  • Heritage Loan Scheme
  • Heritage Grants Programme
  • Lotterywest Grants
  • Heritage Plaques Program



The Heritage Assistance Fund (HAF) provides financial assistance to persons who wish to undertake approved heritage conservation projects on places listed on the City of Vincent Municipal Heritage Inventory.

Eligible projects are entitled to up to 50% of the total cost of works, up to a maximum of $5,000, subject to the availability of budget.

To find out more information refer to the Heritage Assistance Fund Policy (The amended policy will be updated on this page shortly).

The HAF funding Round 1 is now open and will be closed on 31 August 2016. 

Following the closing date, the City will assess and consider all the applications.

Projects are required to be completed and a receipt provided to the City by no later than 15 June 2017.

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For further information please contact the City’s Heritage Officers on 9273 6069 or email heritage@vincent.wa.gov.au.


Started in 2001, the Building Design & Conservation Awards recognise and award the following types of building and conservation achievements:

  • The restoration or reconstruction of a building (or part of a building) to return it to a known earlier state;
  • Repair and maintenance works that conserve and enhance older buildings;
  • Sympathetic and innovative additions to existing residential, commercial or industrial buildings; and
  • The sensitive adaptation of an existing building to make it suitable for another use, e.g. the conversion of a church or an obsolete industrial building for use as residential dwellings.

Owners of places listed on the Municipal Heritage Inventory who undertake building works in accordance with one of the above categories are eligible to enter the awards for a chance to receive a cash prize.

For details of the current years Awards go to News and Events



Under the City of Vincent City Planning Scheme No. 1 a land density bonus of up to 50% can be granted by the Council if;

“the proposed development conserves or enhances an existing dwelling or existing dwellings worthy of retention.”

All places listed in the Municipal Heritage Inventory are deemed to be worthy of retention.

A density bonus may increase the development potential of your land if a heritage place is located on it. To find out further information on density bonuses and if you qualify, please contact the City’s Planning Services on (08) 9273 6000.


The Town Planning Scheme also allows for variations to the Scheme Provisions in circumstances where it is;

“desirable to facilitate the conservation of a heritage place listed in the Heritage List or to enhance or preserve heritage values in a Heritage Area.”

This provision gives owners of heritage places some flexibility when submitting a development application that owners of non-heritage places do not have. To discuss what variations are considered acceptable, please contact a City of Vincent Heritage Officer or Planning Officer on (08) 9273 6000.


The Heritage Loan Subsidy Scheme subsidises interest rates on loans for conservation works by 4%, offering owners significant savings. Loans can be arranged through the financial institution of the owner’s choice.

The Heritage Loan Subsidy Scheme is administered by the WA Local Government Association (WALGA) and the Heritage Council of WA.

To be eligible properties must be listed on the City’s heritage list and/or State Register of Heritage Places or the National Trust’s List of Classified Places.

Applications are accepted any time of the year and are considered on a quarterly basis.

For further information phone the State Heritage Office on P: (08) 6552 4000

Email: info@stateheritage.wa.gov.au

Web: http://stateheritage.wa.gov.au/


The City of Vincent is offering a minimum of 50 percent contribution to a maximum of $1,000 to anyone in the community who would like to install a plaque or alternative form of interpretation to recognise and celebrate places of heritage interest in the City that are either still in situ or have since been demolished.

The first recipient of the City’s Heritage Plaques program, was Graham Norton, the owner of the property on the corner of Stirling and Bulwer Street, which once housed the Premier Theatre and associated Gardens. The plaque acknowledged the history of the theatre which was constructed in 1925 by the East Perth Football club, with the Premier Theatre Gardens being built next door in the 1930s. By the 1960s the Theatre had closed and operated as a ice rink and later a disco until it was demolished to make way for an office block in the 1980s. This story illustrates the social changes of this era, particularly how the advent of television and commercial cinemas resulted in the closure of many suburban picture theatres, such as this one.

Premier_Theatre_Plaque_004_thb Premier_Theatre_Plaque_006_thb


Should you wish to submit an application for the City’s Heritage Plaques program, forms are available below or by contacting the City’s Heritage Officers on 9273 6514.

* The Heritage Plaques Program is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s Your Community Heritage Program.