Best Places To Catch Pokémon In Perth


After doing some thorough ‘research’ we have compiled a go-to-guide of all the best places to catch Pokémon in Perth for all you budding PokéTrainers out there. If you’re already killing it in the catching game, make sure you check out this epic map full of PokéStops and PokéGyms in every suburb possible. Now remember guys, every Pokémon trainer needs to re-fuel so make sure you’re having appropriate caffeine pit stops around the place before you engage in training mode.

Perth CBD

The Perth CBD is crawling with amateur Pokémon lords right now and that’s because there are bulk Pokémon to catch. It’s no secret that Kings Park is the latest Poké hot spot with hundreds of people flocking up the hill to catch these bad boys. If you’re surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city malls, hit up Shafto Lane or King Street for some secret Pokémon action. After all that madness, grab a coffee and head to the south side of the city—particularly Langley Park, The Bell Tower and even the Supreme Court Gardens—to jag a rare one. Our tip: catch the CAT bus to Scitech for an ultra-spesh find.

North Of The River

If your friends just don’t understand your PokéLife and want to go shopping, maybe suggest Morley Galleria—the place is crawling with Pokémon. Hillarys Boat Harbour and Sorrento Beach are perfect for all those up in the far north. Hit up the Leederville Skate Park to catch em’ all, followed by Sayers for some delish noms. Closer to the city you’ll find that Matilda Bay Reserve and the Maylands Peninsula have some sweet AF Pokémon too.

South Of The River

Starting in the deep south, Waikiki Foreshore Park in Rockingham feature some flamin’ good Pokémon as well as some PokéStops and PokéGyms along the way. From there you can head a little east and check out the Canningvale Markets for some secret hiding Pokémon. St John’s Church in Fremantle are keeping quite a few Pokémon in their pews and we have also heard the guys at George Street Quarters give out free PokéAdvice with every coffee. Winning! The massive Curtin University campus houses a number of rare sights as well as come classic Pokémon to add to the collection. The South Perth foreshore should be your next stop followed by a visit to HangOut On 20 Preston and Jersey Jack Gelato for another re-fuel.

Everywhere Else

For those of you willing to travel around WA in a bid to be the best trainer in all the land, head over to Rottnest Island for some quality catches. We also hear that once you’re back on the main land, almost every train station in Perth has at least one Pokémon ready for you. We don’t like to spoil things guys, but apparently even your ol’ Centrelink branch is a hotspot for all things Pokémon! Which one? Who knows! You’ll have to visit them all.

Perth has become so PokéCrazy that there will be a Perth Hunt for all Pokémon amateurs and enthusiasts to catch everything. If that’s not your style there will also be a PokéCrawl (Pokémon pub crawl) on next weekend. Get your PokéBalls ready guys! The battle is on.

If you’re still thinking this trend is weird AF, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Just head to any of these hot spots and watch as people aimlessly wander around and walk into inanimate objects.

Stay safe peeps!




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Image credit: PikaPika025