~ Samantha Thorne

When you start thinking about selling your home, you also start taking a more critical look at it.

“We need to do some renovations,” you think, but renovating to increase the value of your home is tricky.

You can spend too much on renovations and they will not add their cost to the value of your home. The trick is to do easy renovations that have a big impact.


1: Tidy Your Front Garden

Start by putting yourself in a potential buyer’s position. You’ve just rolled up to your house for the first time. What do you see? The front garden.

If your front garden doesn’t look well-kept, potential buyers will think the owners don’t take care of their property. So, roll up your sleeves or hire a garden maintenance service to tidy up your front lawn and garden.

2: Look at Your Roof and Guttering

No one wants to buy a house that looks like it has a leaking roof. If your guttering is rusted, replace it. If your roof is covered in mould and grime, have it cleaned and repaired if necessary.

3: Cladding and Your Entrance

Is your exterior cladding clean and in good condition? What about your entry door? As you (the potential buyer) make your way closer to the door, you will notice these things. Do whatever it takes to tidy up your cladding and entry, but don’t go overboard.

A few coats of exterior paint will increase your home’s value, but having your bricks rendered will not necessarily increase its value by more than the cost of the rendering. Paint or replace your entry door if it is in bad shape, too. Your entry door makes a big statement to everyone who approaches it.

4: Your Floors

The first thing you’ll see as you step into the house is the floor. Is it clean and in good condition?

Clean your floors and have your carpets professionally cleaned. If you have badly worn hardwood floors, have them sanded and polished. Everyone loves beautifully polished floors and the cost will be more than made up for in the increased value of your home.

5: Open Plan Living

If you live in an older home, your rooms may be separated. This will put potential buyers off. Consider having the wall between your kitchen and living room knocked out or doing something else to open up your interior space.

The idea is to make your home look light, bright and cheerful. Keep costs in mind, but also keep the end result in mind. Opening up your interior can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value and saleability of your home.

6: Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. You may be tempted to do a complete kitchen renovation, but the expense may be greater than the potential value it adds to your home.

7: The Master Bedroom

When you walk into your master bedroom, do you feel like you’ve entered a sanctuary or just a room for sleeping?

Home buyers today want their master bedroom to be a comfortable living area as well as a bedroom. If your master bedroom looks like it’s just a bedroom, find ways to make it appear larger and more appealing.

Older homes often have small bedroom windows. If tthis is the case in your home, consider hiring a carpenter to open up the wall and install a larger window, especially if there is a nice backyard view. For privacy, you can install blinds that allow you to see out, but outsiders won’t be able to see in.

8: Your Bathroom

Home buyers are looking for spa-like bathrooms today. While a complete bathroom renovation may be too great an expense, there are many low-cost ways to give a bathroom a makeover.

9: The Patio and Backyard

Indoor-outdoor living is a trend that’s here to stay.

Is your patio part of your home or just an outdoor area you use occasionally? Do you enjoy your backyard or just look at it from your kitchen window?

Turning your patio into an integral part of the home can be as easy as replacing an old door with bifold doors to open up the space between your interior and your patio.

You may have to knock out part of a wall to get the extra space, but opening your indoor areas to the outdoors will add to the sale price of your home. Also be sure to have your gardener tidy up your back garden after they’ve tidied up your front garden.

10: The Little Things

After going through the house, potential home buyers are going to start looking at the little things. Dripping faucets, stuck windows and squeaking doors tell them the owners have not stayed on top of little maintenance projects.

If you’ve overlooked the little things, potential buyers may wonder what bigger problems are waiting for them when they move in? Make sure you get the ‘little things’ taken care of so you don’t leave them wondering.

A final tip: One of the cheapest and most noticeable renovations you can do is paint your interior. Ask a painter or colour consultant what colours would suit the widest range of people. You don’t want to paint your walls a colour a potential buyer won’t like – this alone could put them off buying your house. Look for neutral colours that lift the appearance of your home and make it look brighter and lighter.

This article courtesy of hipages, Images courtesy of Caroline Dawes Gardens (front garden), Aspired Floors (flooring), Porchlight Interiors (master bedroom), Parker Building Sydney (patio and backyard).