Is that a Western Power fault or something you need to fix?

This Perth Electrician will show you what electrical items to check to see if you have a Western Power fault or a fault within your rental property.

REMEMBER – Only a Licensed Electrician should conduct electrical work. 

Have you lost power to everything or have you partially lost power to parts of your home? What you will want to check first is whether or not it is a Western power or energy supply problem because the local energy supply authority will need to repair this. If this is the case, your landlord will not need to pay for an electrician to attend to something they cannot electrically repair anyway. If you follow the steps in the video or by following the transcription below and you identify that it is a Western Power electrical problem, call the Western Power faults line on 13 13 51.

Things to check first when you have lost electricity in your rental property:


  1. Look for your residual current devices or RCDs in your main switchboard. You will have them in there because it is law to have at least 2 in your rental property and has been since 2011. So look for the devices in there that have a switch and a test push button on the same device. These are RCDs.
  2. Push the test button on ALL of the RCDs. Do they trip? If none of them turn off when you push that test button, you have no supply going to the devices and proceed to step 3.
  3. When you have confirmed that no RCD switches trip when you push the RCD test buttons, you will need to confirm that you have no supply by looking to see if your meter has lights or not. Older meters do not have lights and in this case just observe whether or not the disc is spinning. If the lights are out or your disc is not spinning, it’s time to call Western Power because you have a Western Power fault. Call the Western Power Faults line on 13 13 51.

1. If your RCDs are tripping or your lights are on or disc spinning watch the video below, as you probably don’t have a Western Power problem

Click here to watch video 2 of this power issue series.


  1. If you have lost partial power to your rental property, the first thing to check would be to look to see if there are any lights or a display on your Western Power meter. This will indicate if you have a power supply to your property. If you do have lights, you may have an issue within your rental property like a faulty appliance.

Click here to watch how to break down the electrical fault and get some power back on and then how to locate a faulty appliance.


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