Who owns your front door?

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Security locks in strata schemes

It’s very important to get written permission from the strata company before changing locks on entry doors.

The Residential Tenancies Act places an obligation upon the lessor to provide a deadlock or key-lockable security screen door to the main entry door.

In many strata schemes the lot owner does not own the main entry door to the lot. In these situations the main entry door and windows are common property which is owned, repaired and maintained by the strata company.

Prior to changing a lock on a main entry door to a strata lot, you should endeavor to determine the ownership of the main entry door.

The strata manager would normally be able to confirm the lot boundaries.

Where the main entry door does not belong to the lot owner and the lock is not a deadlock, then written permission to change the locks should be sought from the strata company.

The strata manager would normally have the strata company discuss this request at a meeting of the Council of Owners.

As many main entry doors are fire rated, it would be advisable to request that the strata company carries out the works so that it is responsible for ensuring that the fire rating integrity of the main entry door is not compromised during the changeover of locks.

It is reasonable to assume that the strata company would then pass that cost onto the lot owner.



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