Shop Front home conversions

This type of home is, without a doubt, the coolest property you can buy!  I think so anyway.  The article below is all about the Eastern States but all you have to do is take a drive around Highgate, Perth or Mount Lawley to find similar.

With the Melbourne residential real estate market in a frenzy, shop front homes are gaining popularity. “Across the inner areas of Melbourne, these shops are increasingly being converted to residences and are passed on to future generations to live in and enjoy,” says Real Estate Institute of Victoria CEO Enzo Raimondo. “They are popular for their historical value and often long-term connection to the local community.”

“For buyers who are willing to undertake the conversion, they can represent an investment gem – in that buyers with the right skill set can add significant value to properties,” says Raimondo.

Shop front of old Sibella Court home.
Shop front of old Sibella Court home. Photo: Domain