Knowing when it’s the right time to sell

Are you getting restless? Here’s some of the telltale signs it’s time to sell your property.


You’re financially prepared

Most people think of selling up as a way to get more cash in the bank. If you manage the right combination of agent, marketing and timing, you can certainly walk away with profit. But selling costs money, and it introduces uncertainty that you need to be able to support from a financial perspective.

Are you ready to take on the costs of a new home? (Especially if you’re thinking of upgrading rather than downsizing.) If you need to rent in between this and your next property, can you manage? If life throws other curveballs, like a loss of job, will you and any dependents be on solid footing?


Your suburb is booming

Sudden abundance of real estate flyers in your mailbox? Strangers passing by for a sticky beak with a gleam in their eye? Your property could be sitting in the middle of a hot zone that the market is buzzing about.

Use our Invest data and Sold prices to keep an eye on the market and see how your suburb is performing. If you notice hordes of people clamouring to live in your area, and you’re otherwise ready for a change, it could be a smart time to introduce your place to the market.

It can also be a good idea to see where your property sits, price wise, in your neighbourhood.

Your home doesn’t fit you anymore

Kids have moved out and there’s too much space? Growing number of residents and the one bathroom becoming a bit of a logistical nightmare?

The shape of our families and lives change and, with it, our needs for space and function at home. If your current property isn’t serving your needs, it could be time to look for something that’s a better match.


Renovations are in the too-hard basket

If the home improvements you’ve always been keen to do are feeling like too much effort, it could be another sign you’ve detached and are ready for a different environment.

Colour scheme and fixtures out of date and the prospect of a renovation making you groan? Could be time to let someone with fresh energy tackle the challenge.

Feeling the need for change

Change can arrive uninvited, but there are also natural chapters in our lives where we feel a real need to change our surroundings and strike a different path.

If your home is making you sigh, and your gut is telling you to reboot your domestic front, it could be time to sell up and reinvigorate life from a new patch.

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