UBER – 50% cheaper than a taxi?



This week Channel 9 aired a story comparing the difference in service and cost between the regular taxi services we know and new comer to the car service industry, UBER. Here’s a little about my own experience.


Perth’s a funny place. Known throughout the country as the city you can’t get around without a car. By the city I mean the metro area, not the CBD which as we all know can be conquered by foot in less than an hour.

Our Taxi drivers do a great job and the hassles they deal with are far beyond anything I’d commit to night after night. That said, cabs are expensive and often very difficult to come across. On more than a few occasions I’ve stood at the front of my Beaufort Street office in the heart of Mount Lawley and not even seen a cab pass by for 20 minutes, let alone be able to hail one that stops.

A few months ago I discovered UBER. If you want to know their story, Google them. There are plenty of facts and opinions out there.  For me though, if I’m not driving my own car, I’m taking an UBER.  Using their mobile App I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes for a car to arrive. This has been the case on a Tuesday afternoon from Mount Lawley as well as 1am from Maida Vale. And by car, I mean a late model, clean, tidy, fresh smelling, well maintained vehicle. Everything from a Nissan Dualis to a Holden Statesman from my own experience.

Upon confirming a booking, I receive a text or email with my driver’s name, their photo, their mobile number, the vehicle model, colour and a remarkably accurate estimate of the fee. UBER‘s don’t have cameras in them like regualr taxis. That’s certainly a security concern for both driver and passenger alike. Though I’d argue that knowing someone’s name, phone number and email address is more of a deterrent for either party to step out of line than some blurry in-car video footage will ever be.


3Despite opposition from the Taxi industry it doesn’t look like UBER is going away anytime soon. Maybe next time you’re planning to take a cab, give UBER a try.

Wayne Heldt.

Here’s that story from Channel 9.

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