Stonehenge replica in WA yours for $5 million

For almost one year a real estate agent in Western Australia has been asking the same question: Would you like a Stonehenge with your three-bedroom, two-bathroom home?

So far the answer has been a resounding ‘No’.

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The full-size recreated Stonehenge near Esperance is certainly not your average feature highlighted on a home.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the unique addition, Lot 35 Merivale, is still struggling to find the right buyer.

Asking $5 million, the agriculture and tourism spot hit the market in March 2014.

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In 2010, owners Kim and Jillian Beale introduced the replica of the British landmark to their property after the local shire and Rotary club failed to find a place to house it.

The stone was cut from a quarry across the road to the home.


The listing suggests that the vendors are looking to subdivide the property to keep 400 hectares of prime farming land separate.

With an estimated 66 sizeable replicas of Stonehenge across the globe, this is said to be the only life-size one made out of stone. In fact, it’s made of 137 stones of local pink granite, weighing 2500 tonnes, and was created to look as the real site did in 1950 BC.

The structure, much alike the original, is aligned to the sunrise of the summer solstice.

Three years ago, WA Premier Colin Barnett visited the Esperance Stonehenge.


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