Awesome pet-friendly designs for your home

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to make our homes functional, comfortable and beautiful for us. But what about our pets? They live in the space too.


February 20th was Love Your Pet Day, so we’re taking cues from designers all over the world who have turned their talents towards creating nifty home solutions for our four-legged friends.

These are some of our favourites.

Doggie window

Dog windows design

Picture: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

You’ve heard of the doggie door; what about the doggie window? These transparent glass fixtures let the light in, blurring the line between your outdoor and indoor space.

Dogs also have a heightened sense of smell, which they rely upon to guide their instincts. With these open windows, your pup can sniff out their surrounds, making them feel safe and secure.

Chow down


Picture: TerraCotta Properties

A dog’s gotta eat, but tripping over their food is not ideal. A built in pet food bowls drawer adds extra functionality to these gorgeous floor to wall cabinets, while freeing up floor space for you and your pet.

Bath time

Dog shower by Dijeau Poage

Picture: Dijeau Poage

Dijeau Poage conceived this design for a modern, multi-functional area that caters for arts and crafts, billiards, and, wait for it…animal grooming!

Tucked away between two cabinets, this pet-sized shower would also prove a good solution for apartment dwellers looking to economise on space.

Off the couch!

Vurv dog pod

Picture: Vurv Designs

Dogs are like us, they just want to be comfortable. So if you want them off your couch, get them one of their own! Or at least a comfy bed. This ultra sleek ‘dog pod’ should do the trick. The clean lines will bring oohs and ahhs from the human camp too.

Feline fun

Cat climbing furniture

Picture: Goldtatze

The incredible range of handcrafted cat climbing furniture from German designer Goldtatze will blow your mind! There’s ceiling-mounted walkways (pictured), beds, wall-mounted perches, cat trees, scratchers and climbing poles.

An intersection of style and function, your pet playground is unlikely to tip the balance of your space.

Best in show

Barkitecture iPaw

Picture: Austin Newcastle Homes

In Austin, Texas, the city’s most creative architects come together once a year for ‘Barkitecture’, a pooch-centric showcasing of the latest in doghouse design. Austin Newcastle Homes took home last year’s award for Best Backyard Bungalow, with their iPaw. This new-age kennel has a built in speaker and iPod dock for canine crooners.


thanks Alice Bradley