5 fast tips for home buyers

When looking to buy property, the more prepared you are, the greater your chances of success. Here’s our fast five tips to follow.


1. Home loan pre-approval: Before you start looking at properties, find out how much money you can borrow. Then you can focus your attention on finding a home well within your budget.

2. Mortgage options: Get advice from a mortgage broker and/or a variety of lenders to discuss your options and the different types of loans available.

3. Borrowing within your means: Be careful not to borrow over your limit otherwise you may not be able to enjoy life in your new home, or worse, have to sell your house before you have substantial equity in it.

4. Pre-purchase inspection reports: Building inspections may cost you a few hundred dollars but can potentially save you thousands to avoid uncovering any issues after you’ve moved in.

5. Additional costs: Make sure you budget for all the extra costs involved in buying a property including stamp duty, conveyancing fees, council rates and strata levies.


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