Timeless versus Trendy

Is your furniture Right or simply Right Now?

Interiors will always be at the mercy of trends, so here are some furniture pieces for the ages and some that are best left in ‘trendy territory’.


It may sound like the justification of a shopaholic, but there’s truth to the idea that certain home furnishings are investments. A timeless piece of furniture is like artwork, only with the added bonus of actually being functional.

Here’s a look at which pieces you should invest in and which are more driven by current trends.


A good sofa is so much more than something you sit on – it brings the living room together. Considering this, it’s worth investing money in a couch that will go the distance.

Leather is generally a good option for sofas, as it only gets better with age. But if you’re a print person, don’t despair. You can reupholster sofas, so you don’t need to get too hung up on whether a print you’ve fallen head over heels for is trendy or not. Just make sure you invest in a good-quality fabric. To increase its timelessness, look at prints that work with other elements in your home and that won’t visually wear you down.

A kitchen or dining table is another piece to splurge on – it will get a good workout when family and friends pop around. You want these pieces to be keepers. You can also place beautiful statement rugs in the timeless category, as they not only handle a lot of foot traffic, but also can boost any drab space.

One thing to remember with these ‘forever’ pieces is that you don’t need to buy them straightaway. They should be items that you’ve had your eye on for some time, are of outstanding quality and enhance your home.


Remember the shabby-chic look? How about that neon phase that’s still kicking on? And who can forget shag carpets and track lighting.

Trends are fickle creatures, so a word to the wise: don’t spend too much on pieces that can be tagged as “so hot right now”.

Try to keep more trend-driven pieces to smaller items, such as cushions, coffee tables and textiles, as well as pieces you don’t use too often, such as garden furniture and side tables. Anything that is easily changeable (including upholstery) is a great outlet for your trend-driven desires.

Trendy pieces that are flights of fancy are best left as decorations and additions, whereas timeless goodies are great for those core items that see the heat of the action. Understandably, these long-term purchases cost quite a bit more, so don’t feel you need to deck out your home with Ettore Sottsass, Eames and pricey antique furniture this very second – slow and steady always wins the race.


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