All that colour on Beaufort Street


No, those aren’t road works…. that’s art!

The City is proud to be working with the Public Transport Authority (PTA) to deliver brightly painted entry statements across Beaufort Street at the intersections of Grosvenor Road and St Albans Avenue to better visually connect one side of the street to the other. 

The PTA has paid for the work to be done by artist Roly Skender, who took his inspiration from the orbit of the planets around the sun. 

City of Vincent Mayor, John Carey said “We’re hopeful this latest addition to Beaufort Street will reflect and complement the vibrancy of the area, while providing an interesting talking point – as all art does” 

“The artwork also signals a change of road conditions to motorists – indicating that it is an area of high use by pedestrians – and hopefully causing them to slow down” said the Mayor. “This type of road treatment builds on a similar approach used in other town centres around Perth – which traditionally have used changes to the road pavement to indicate a pedestrian friendly area.” 


Painting of the intersection of Beaufort Street and Grosvenor Road has now been completed, with the intersection of Beaufort Street and St Albans Avenue scheduled to be painted during the night this week.

Mayor John Carey commended the PTA for its innovation and support in using its Bus Lanes Program in a way that directly contributes to creating a sense of shared space at these key intersections on Beaufort Street.